Retrieving Client

It is possible to retrieve the details of the clients you face mapped. Right on the start you have new or retrieve client Tap on retrieve client.
This will show you the recent 10 client records in the list the client you are looking is not listed on the list. Please Tap on Search Last name (start type client last name all the matching result will appear select your client).

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Retrieving Client
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Tap on Client or Search By first / last name
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Searching client on device (Locally) Type and search will appear with matching result.
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Searching client on Server, type and search will appear with matching result. Tap on the client to download the client data to device.
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Selected Client
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Start New Face Mapping Tap on the + File icon and enter your name (Therapist Name) prescribed by and Tap On Continue
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Tap on client card. (Top right-hand side) to see the client details. 
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Edit details of the client details and Tap on Update
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Therapist Note is assigned with this record as you can see ( i ) icon, Tap on it to see the note
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Tap on the client record to see the option that are available
Example Frame

Clients information is stored in the iCloud, you can create an unlimited number of clients. To retrieve a client, tap the retrieve client tab. The last 10 clients facemapped are listed, but a search function allows you to find other clients.
Search using the last name, and then select the correct client from the list.
Full details of that clients previous facemaps are now displayed.
If you have facemapped that clients today, then you are able to edit the information and resend a revised prescription to the client. You can only view a previous facemap if the current date has passed.
Any notes that you made in the Therapist note section are displayed by clicking the information icon