Consultation Card

Consultation card is available in Face Mapping version 1.8 and above

Please see the details below.

Slide 1
The consultation card is switched off by default. To turn it on please tap on setting top right.
Slide 2
You can see the consultation card button is set to “OFF”
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Tap or swipe the button to switch it “On”
Now when adding new client or performing new analyse the Consultation card will appear.
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Adding a new client using the consultation card.
The Consultation card will appear after you have entered the client’s basic information and clicked Add.
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Hand the iPad to the client to complete the questions or ask the client.
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Digital signature of the client
Ask the client to review the questions and using their finger or a stylus sign in the space provided.
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Once signature has been recorded you will see the Finish button, press this to continue.
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Saving consultation card details
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The Skin therapist will be able view the client consultation card in the analyse skin section if required. Tap the top right corner to see if client have any concerns or medications.  
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Scroll to view the complete consultation card.
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