Congratulations you have downloaded and installed the face mapping app from Dermalogica.

Before you can start using your face mapping app there are a couple of settings specific to you skin centre that need to be entered.
The first time you open the app and select “new client” or if you have not completed the * mandatory fields you will be taken to the settings page.

To change language please select from list and save it.

Your selected language applied to Face Mapping App.

The settings section allows you to customise some features, it is also for you to enter details specific to your skin centre, this information will appear on each client prescription sheet, and denotes how emails will be sent out to clients.


Skin Centre Details
You need to enter your business address details and contact information, along with any email address the client should contact you on.

Email Setting

Email Settings
If you would like to receive a copy of the prescription sent to the client, switch on the radio button and enter an email address in the CC email field.
We have provided at template subject heading and body text. This is customisable by you, so feel free to change the text to best suit your business.

 that you can use key words to personalise your emails For example.
Adding the keyword [firstname] after Dear will enter the client’s first name on the email.

The key words are:-
* [firstname] adds First name of current client
* [lastname] adds Last name of current client
* [prescribedate] adds Prescribe Date of current record
* [prescribeby] adds Prescribe By of current record
* [businessname] adds Business Name of Skin Centre

Date format
You can change the date format of the app to suit your international location

Date Format Setting

Once you have completed the mandatory fields and read and accepted the terms and conditions, clicking save will allow you to use the app for the first time.

You can change your settings at any time by clicking on the settings cog icon on the main menu page

Tap on Settings

This will take you straight to the settings screen.

Settings screen